Monday, July 9, 2007

Malaysian Smokers Smoke Away RM8 Millions A Day!!

I've got this article in I,Malaysian! blog. This is something that i've never expected and makes my mouth open. Suprising!!!

According to a survey, Malaysian smokers smoke 20 millions of cigarettes a day. This also indicates that Malaysian smokers burnt away 8 million of Ringgit Malaysia in a day! What a surprising figure shown!

The estimation shows that Malaysian smokers could reach at least 3.5 millions, and more than a half smokers smoke at least 10 cigarettes a day. If a cigarette costs 40 cents, RM8 millions have burnt away!

Smokers in Malaysia country make up 13% of the total Malaysian. According to the health department, 85% of the smokers started to smoke before 25 years old. Man starts to smoke at 18.7 years old in average and woman starts to smoke at 23 years old.

The ratio can be interpreted as among 10 smokers, there has a female smoker. Furthermore, Chinese female smokers in Malaysia are increasing.

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